Does your dog want to make new friends where they can run and play to their hearts content?  If the answer is yes please book your Meet and Greet Appointment.   

This is a 2 hour Free Meet and Greet to see if they like daycare and being in a group of dogs with us.

Requires a Completed and Passed Meet and Greet Evaluation, and Require Up to date Immunization on Record, Requires that they come often to keep them accustom  to our dogs and our staff for a safe play date. 

Must do another Meet and Greet if they have not been to daycare for 6 months, to make sure that they still love daycare and our staff can properly care for them during their play date.

This is a boarding service with Daycare.  This service must have up to date immunizations.  Must have passed a meet and greet for daycare and also come to daycare regularly or within 6 months.   This is to ensure that your dog still loves daycare and are comfortable with our facility and staff during their stay.   They will get a 4’x 6′ suite with their own locker for their gear.

We have several boarding options to accommodate your pets needs.   All boarding requires up to date immunizations on record for your pets.  We will need to meet all dogs in person prior to any boarding option.

Our grooming service consist of Premium Bath, Deshedding bath and brush out, Nail trims, Brush outs.  We also have a self serve bath for you to groom your own dog.

We off Senior and Military discounts! Watch our email campaigns sent out and Facebook to find promotions.

* Must let receptionist know of promotion or ad and must ask for discount at end of service.