What is a Meet and Greet for Daycare?

Our Meet and Greet is a 2 hour long introduction to our facility, and is required for all daycare services. We start by meeting with you and asking some questions to get to know your dog, and their past. We then take them to go potty and get to know our Kennel Techs. Once they are comfortable with our staff, they will go into our playroom. We let them take their time to get to know their surroundings, and once they feel comfortable, they get to start meeting friends. We introduce one dog, typically either our calmest dog, or one that we feel matches their energy best. Once they are comfortable together, we add another, and so on until we have a full group.

When are the Meet and Greets for daycare?

All Meet and Greets are at 11 am. First Try Meet and Greets are on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Another Try Meet and Greets are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Why does my dog need one?

Your dogs health and happiness is our #1 priority. If your dog is uncomfortable in our daycare, this cannot only cause safety issues for our staff and clients, but can also put your dog through stress, which can be quite damaging. That is why we take every measure to ensure the safety and fun of all of our guests by evaluating each and every dog that comes to our facility with the same, high level of standards.

What if my dog doesn’t pass?

After your appointment, our staff will come talk you through what happened and how it went. If our staff feels as though the dog was not comfortable, but that their comfort level may grow after another try, they will recommend to set up another Meet and Greet. Until a Meet and Greet is passed, they will not be able to utilize our daycare services. Your dog can use our Boarding Only option so long as they can pass a Kennel Tech Evaluation (This would be done during your Meet and Greet)